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"At all levels of play the secret of success lies not so much in playing well as it is in not playing badly."

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Bio: Kyle Bazzy is the President of Benzinga and Marketfy. He joined Benzinga in 2011, and led the creation of Marketfy in 2012. He was previously an executive at a Michigan-based private equity firm. A leading voice in the financial media industry…

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So far, I've found Marketfy products and updates to be very informative. Email alerts are also very helpful to know what's new or has been updated.

I am a new subscriber and having some start-up problems but I can sense a difference with Marketfy. I give Marketfy 4 out of 5 ****. The direction is good for me, Thanks

Every post is extremely informative and is definitely a value-add! I truly look forward to reading all of Kyle's posts!

This is a really helpful blog to help keep me in the know of what is happening at Marketfy. Anyone who uses this site should join this product too!

I have subscription with rod David. I can't download his service on my iPad . Will you help me how to do it. I have AB's service and I am able to get in with no problem. Please let me know. Thanks. Pamela

Kyle is the best

awesome . great people with great knowledge in real time. thanks alan and trainman.

Very great to start ! Thank you. It's very accessible and comprehensive.

I want Submit my article how do it please tell me

Important lesson

I have been trying to get help with my login with 420 investor but haven’t been successful m


For a free investment service you eclipses the most costlier services. Bill in Florida ( 40 year active investor

Very good as to market knowledge & platform development. I would like to see more information toward the first time investors trading pad & explain in more detail the reason for entry & exit points using more fundamental & less technical reasoning

Eager to learn more and help the world a better place by stock knowledge and positive gains.