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In the world of trading, swing trades are a sweet spot. In this course, expert trader and portfolio manager Serge Berger will teach you to find, execute and manage swing trades. Learn the specific swing trading setups and why this type of trading can be extremely lucrative.

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I have been an active trader since 1998. During my career I’ve been a financial analyst, dealt in fixed income instruments at JP Morgan, and was a proprietary trader in equities, equity options and futures. Over the years I created a trading metho…

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Swing trading is one of the most lucrative trading strategies. Key to successful swing trading is using the market's structural underpinnings, relative strength/weakness and specific technical analysis readings to ones advantage.
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    Access a video library filled with education to help you succeed in the market. Now it’s easy to understand the strategy and know what stocks to watch each day.

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This is a great tool to learn the essence of swing trading! Must recommend!

Serge knows more about swing trading than any trader I have seen in the past. This course was a great introduction to his strategy and I can't wait to see more of his content.

The Essence of Swing Trading Book explains why one should swing trade, and what the set ups are. Each set up is explained with a chart and explanation. The right mental approach is explained along …

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