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"At all levels of play the secret of success lies not so much in playing well as it is in not playing badly."

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Bio: Kyle Bazzy is the President of Benzinga and Marketfy. He joined Benzinga in 2011, and led the creation of Marketfy in 2012. He was previously an executive at a Michigan-based private equity firm. A leading voice in the financial media industry…

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I have been trying to get help with my login with 420 investor but haven’t been successful m


I have subscription with rod David. I can't download his service on my iPad . Will you help me how to do it. I have AB's service and I am able to get in with no problem. Please let me know. Thanks. Pamela

Important lesson

Very good as to market knowledge & platform development. I would like to see more information toward the first time investors trading pad & explain in more detail the reason for entry & exit points using more fundamental & less technical reasoning

I am a new subscriber and having some start-up problems but I can sense a difference with Marketfy. I give Marketfy 4 out of 5 ****. The direction is good for me, Thanks

Kyle is the best

Eager to learn more and help the world a better place by stock knowledge and positive gains.

I want Submit my article how do it please tell me

Very great to start ! Thank you. It's very accessible and comprehensive.

awesome . great people with great knowledge in real time. thanks alan and trainman.

For a free investment service you eclipses the most costlier services. Bill in Florida ( 40 year active investor

Alan is at the pinnacle of his field and the team at 420 Investors are one of a kind. I have learned consistently over the 4 yrs here and have been blessed so much from being part of this incredible group. I also had the chance to mingle among sophisticated and bounce knowledge. Extremely Satisfied of this service. Nick

So far, I've found Marketfy products and updates to be very informative. Email alerts are also very helpful to know what's new or has been updated.

Every post is extremely informative and is definitely a value-add! I truly look forward to reading all of Kyle's posts!