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The Direction First service provides daily trading suggestions in the markets via ETFs and stocks and weekly reports on the global stock, bond, commodity and currency markets.


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We have over 25 years experience in portfolio management and market analysis. Our team's credentialing includes: Certified Public Accountant (CPA); CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER; Chartered Market Technician (CMT); BA in Management; BS in Economics; a…

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Very few, if any, winning trades thus far...

I dont think sea change account value and percent gain is true. UVXY that was opened on 7/11/16 with 4500 shares at $7.07, did a 5:1 reverse split on 7/25/16 but marketfy did not consider the split and when sea change sold at 24.40 on 8/1/16 it was considered a $78018.75 gain because sea change still had 4500 shares when it was suppose to be 900 shares. It should have been adjusted back to $4.88 a share and sold at a $2.19 loss per share! I've contacted sea change and marketfy but nothing has happened yet. Beware of VXX opened on 8/5/16, that also had a reverse split and not adjusted to a loss. Their total value for account should probably be around $100,000 but they are buying stocks like they have $300,000. They are playing with money that they dont have

Very aggressive all in type trading. Will need strong stomach.

Wide stop loss and small at profit taking but that's their style.

Excellent advice these last turbulent months...

Just not for me. Not enough information.