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The Direction First service provides daily trading suggestions in the markets via ETFs and stocks and weekly reports on the global stock, bond, commodity and currency markets.


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We have over 25 years experience in portfolio management and market analysis. Our team's credentialing includes: Certified Public Accountant (CPA); CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER; Chartered Market Technician (CMT); BA in Management; BS in Economics; a…

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  • Is Is this a service for day traders or investors?

    Both!! Traders will utilize our weekly reports for game-planning and our trade suggestions like a coach calling plays on the fly. Investors will utilize our weekly reports for general macro intelligence and will utilize those trades we identify as "system trades" for their brokerage, 401k or variable annuity portfolios.

  • Is Is this a service for day traders or investors?Can I interact with the team at Sea Change if I have follow up questions?

    Yes. We are available via Marketfy's messaging service or via private emails / texts. Just let us know how much access you'd need.