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Tom Shaughnessy is a MicroCap analyst focusing on extremely under-the-radar companies. Tom's focus is technology companies, with a strong emphasis on management teams, the opportunity for viral growth, low institutional ownership, high margins and h…

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Tom you did a great job getting this site up and running. The site layout with easy access to your well researched and excellently written articles is amazing. It is also nice to see you operate your portfolio in real time. Best of all the easy access to you and exchange of ideas here is invaluable. I have selectively chosen from your recommendations. To date I am enjoying a very healthy return on those recommendations. I am luckily still long some of the best.

Precise and invaluable microcap research. Also, a big fan of your CEO interviews.

The Secret Caps web site that went live earlier this year is one that everyone should check out and consider for investing in the market place. It's primary focus (micro caps) has been filled with some great new ideas and hidden treasures before ROW finds out about them. I'm looking forward to a long term membership and continued great ideas or recommendations here! I beleive you'll find the time, attention and detail provided will be on par with any investment advise you could get! Great Job Secret Caps and I really appreciate all you provide! Take care, RSD (KH)

A++mazing Tom, great picks. Looking forward to future picks also.

Great, consistent, honest, and thorough coverage.

Tom's ideas are exactly what I turn to small caps for, high growth and asymmetrical risk/reward profiles that are completely underappreciated. The number and breadth of companies he finds is impressive, as is his availability for any questions. The value provided by the membership fee right now is a no-brainer. Although he is relatively new, I have decided to dedicate a large portion of my portfolio to many of his ideas due to the asymmetrical risk/reward profiles and the apparent strength of his long term theses.

Tom works hard and it appears to be all coming together him. Remember everyone we not looking for perfect just an honest, intelligent effort, and I believe he gives that.

Comprehensive analysis on microcap companies. For the low price, SecretCaps is a valuable tool for extensive research. Highly reccomended.

CEO interviews are worth the subscription

Tom's an up and comer that I have a lot of faith in. I always have an open ear to his suggestions.

Excellent Analysis on ASUR and SSNT - these detailed twenty-page newsletters are worth a read, especially along with the management interviews.

This is a great site that offers valuable investment insight into micro cap stocks. I highly recommend it to any micro cap investor. The reports are fundamentally solid and detailed.

keep up good work

Well, pretty good so far. Can't really complain.

Tom does a great job of finding companies that most of us would not discover on our own and keeping us informed.