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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street and I specialize in credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The efforts paid off well…

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I joined this service because it looked consistent, so far no wins this month, losing all the trades so far, I guess you have to start with losers, hopefully wins will start soon! I need to be patient, that's for sure.

Thanks for providing a plan for taking small profits and avoiding large loses. I have had the opportunity of doing just the opposite in the pastl

So one week after joining, I am actually somewhat upset… at not having done this earlier! Even though I regularly trade equities and futures, I am an options extra green rookie. Nonetheless, somehow, even during a week filled with immense market uncertainty, headline driven volatility, and jittery price action with algos on overdrive, Nic ALWAYS found time to quickly address each & every question or comment I had. But what impressed me most is that he did so while signaling winning trades, nailing market direction calls, and constantly communicating thoughts and solid analysis across many market fronts. In short; I am in, taking every trade, and so looking forward to the next market open! Awesome...

Nic has been a wonderful mentor - he is articulate, commanding an in-depth knowledge and experience working with Option Credit Spreads. However, what sets his service apart is the fact that Nic thoroughly enjoys teaching, sharing and interacting with his subscribers (you can feel it). He will take you step by step through his trade before he makes it and explain his thought process. If you do not understand or have questions, he is there to give you the personal attention that is so important - particularly when you have your own $'s on the line.

Thank you Nicolas my first trade with you was a winner in less than a week btc goog at .13

I just became a member and as such have no firm opinion yet; the time difference between The Netherlands and the US is a little difficult; also I have trouble understanding some of the terms used such as "lotto tickets". Rating 4

Outstanding results. Nic has minimized the risk on the trades and is a real pro. He is very open to questions, and is like a mentor. His knowledge of the market really takes advantage of timing. His record speaks for itself.

great calls nic,, very detail e-mail info on every trade setup. I just follow his comments to trade the market on the paper at his time.

Nicolas makes options trading very simple. He was simple and to the point to where anyone could understand how to trade.

I like the method in theory. Took the 2-week trial and had no actionable trades, so did not continue with the monthly membership.

I just became a member. Ask me in a week or two! So far, I like what I see. The Spreads seem well thought out. I don't understand as yet the reason for closing out the Spread so early. I'm sure Nick will tell us.

extremely helpful & timely advice and trading ideas for income! Nic also provides his review of markets, earnings, and setups, including various degrees of risk.

I have used Nic's service for several months and it has increased both my trading confidence and results. This past week, I had an SPX iron condor expire for $2100 and a GOOG credit put spread also expire for $450 - both great returns on risk. So far, not a single loser - although I am prepared to manage those situations when they occur. Nic's astute commentary and assistance are one of the keys to success for me.

One of the best service I have received till now. Most important for me is it feel like Nic is always there for us to guide and educate me. unbelievable promptness of his response whenever I ask any question. He is one of us and with us and he is the best.

Glad that I found Nic and Marketfy. Nic is extremely knowledgeable and always responsive. A wonderful trader and a teacher. Marketfy is always there to answer questions.