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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street and I specialize in credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The efforts paid off well…

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I love your market analysis. It helps me a lot to set my trade. I follow your trades a lot and I can learn how to minimize the risk, solutions. Awesome overall!

After studying both the Mastering Credit Spreads and Create Income With Option Spreads videos I've decided to initially focus on two strategies; the Bull Put Credit Spread and the Bear Call Credit Spread. At this time I am not going to consider adjustments, rollovers, or other corrective measures if a trade goes wrong. I will only do high probability (70-90 percent) trades on well defined trending issues with a predetermined loss/scaled profit taking money management exit. In other words simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. For the present I feel that the vast catalog of Butterflys, Ratios, Debits, Calendars, Diagonals, etc. that Vic has in the inventory is more than I can handle. However, I'm sure that as my trading comfort zone develops I will be seeking additional guidance from the Marketfy team to add additional elements to my trade tool box.

I have just subscribed to the above service and watched Nicolas's 5 training videos. I am a retired Canadian engineer so Nicolas's approach as an engineer is a breath of fresh air. I have subscribed to trials to half a dozen other sites and would only consider one of them as being close in quality to this one. There are hundreds of sites, chart indicators and trading systems as well as over 50 option combinations. Nicolas sticks to only a few conservative options tactics and a very small number of technical charting indicators and an in depth understanding of the underlying stock, sector and overall market sentiment. I highly recommend this service providing you are not looking for a high risk get rich quick scheme.

I had a problem and asked for advice and received an immediate response. Very willing to help.with good advice.

Great service with daily write ups, trade ideas, and an incredibly valuable chatroom. No one has a better pulse on the markets than Nic.

very good, nice lesson

Outstanding results. Nic has minimized the risk on the trades and is a real pro. He is very open to questions, and is like a mentor. His knowledge of the market really takes advantage of timing. His record speaks for itself.

The method taught by Nic is easy to learn, and he is available to answer questions. Even though I've traded options for many years, I like Nic's approach to credit spreads. t is much easier to control your losses and to bank money along the way.

I am giving 5 star at this moment because I find Nicolas is giving a lot of his time through the chat room, going over people's stock analysis request and providing lengthy morning and evening market recap. I find this service is more appropriate for the novice to intermediate trader. Nicolas does not rush into trades but wait patiently for the opportunity to show up. The chat room community is great and good way to exchange with other people of various experience. I have placed few trades upon his suggestions but I have yet to see how they unfold so I cannot comment on this part.

Nic has allowed me to learn trading option spreads without dropping crazy amounts of money on text books and tutorials. The best part is that I've made money from the very first day. Normally it takes months of learning before I can even attempt to make a dollar from the education.

Nic provides great information, advice and trade ideas in real time. This is a fantastic product for intermediate traders who are in the market most days.

great calls nic,, very detail e-mail info on every trade setup. I just follow his comments to trade the market on the paper at his time.

I have been a member for about 2 months. I have been trading for about 18 months; having lost 75% of my starting capital by trading way too aggressively. With the help of Nic and the chatroom, I've learned to rein in my aggressiveness and have stabilized my account. Nic is very patient and answers all of your questions, no matter how dumb they may seem. The group in the chatroom comprise experienced and inexperienced traders, and you will learn from them as well. l highly recommend this service.

You know that feeling right before you decide to hit "send" on a trade... when you wish you could turn to someone and say, "Is this a good move?!" Well, NIC IS THAT PERSON! It's been such a pleasure working with him. I look forward to every one of his daily reports -- they go right to the point and even have some humor in them! Who knew options could have humor?! His official trade alerts are incredibly accurate and he takes care of you throughout the WHOLE trade. You can tell he cares about not just setting us up with the right trades, but actually offering us education. My last trade was not an official trade alert but rather a recommendation that he made and it made me 181% in ONE DAY! Not a bad way to start my morning. I'm SOLD on this.. here's to a LONG relationship together!! :)