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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street and I specialize in credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The efforts paid off well…

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Nicolas has opened me up to a whole new approach to trading: credit spreads. He delivers each trade with the rationale that gives you the understanding of both risks and rewards in a way that builds your trading acumen.

Hi Nicolas: Just want you to know that you are a ranning a great site very pleased so far.and keep those coins coming in every

I am very pleased with my subscription to 'Maximum Profit Spreads'. Nic is a full-time trader with a proven success track record. His goal is to get his subscribers in safe and profitable trades. While we won't have many home-runs, the profits are steady and consistent. I have subscribed to many newsletters but have yet to see anyone that really wants to help and educate his subscribers as much as Nic is doing. His daily posts on his view of the markets are invaluable. His trade ideas are conservative and well thought out. He understands risk management and can expertly adjust trades when they are in trouble. More importantly, he knows when to take profits and not try to squeeze every penny out of a trade. Nic is a man of integrity and is a true professional. Every transaction with him has been impeccable. He is very responsive to questions by his subscribers. I can sleep well at night knowing that Nic has my back.

Nick's blog and updates are pretty informative and I'm enjoying his service so far!! Haven't taken any trades yet but it looks like they're going to be winners

I am new. Just want to understand when u said Credit Spread Call for a stock says 80/90 - which side is the Buy/Sell option; similarly with the Crdit Spread Put. Thanks in advance

The biggest differentiator of this service that I've noticed is that Nicolas is very available to speak with, whether if its a question about the rationale for one of his trades, or if you want him to review a trade you were considering but haven't put on yet. I've questioned some of his trades and he'll calmly explain his thinking without getting defensive at all. He usually replies in just a few minutes, hard to say that about most services your email usually just disappears into the internet ether never to be responded to. He's also adapting the service to the desires / demands of his subscribers as the service evolves and he speaks to more traders, so if people are requesting more of a certain type of trade or specific tickers he'll cover that. He does a good job as well of offering some more advanced / aggressive trades, but being very clear that they may not be suitable for the portfolio. The actual portfolio trades are usually quite conservative and consistent (which is the stated goal), but when he relays his 'personal trades' it allows those of us with more experience and a higher risk tolerance to follow him into those trades. Service usually pays for itself in one good trade or less per month, and he offers up 3-5 a week (sometimes more). He's also good at teaching newer traders there's nothing wrong with taking things off for a quick gain and freeing up your capital for new opportunities (or perhaps more importantly the value in eating a small loss when things just aren't going as expected).

I believe this concept would be great for those who are searching for additional income. Great idea! I myself trade options for additional income. To me, there is no other better satisfaction than having the knowledge and confidence in trading to better your lifestyle.

Lost a lot of money taking ideas on market reversal - I do much better handling that myself - specifically ndx, goog, appl, and ma.

I about four weeks or so I can take this survey with more confidence. I just started the beginners course with Options trading with CBOE Exchange.

First time I've clicked on this. Greatly appreciated. I have a note on my office cabinet that reads: Market Fly Nicolas Chahine GOOD !

I've been with Nicolas for a couple of years now and his service never ceases to amaze me. Nic gives excellent trade recommendations for short or long term. What's awesome with his service, he will answer all questions from the group or individually during and after market hours, publicly or in private without the wait. You will not find a better service. I am up 20% so far this year with Nic's recommendations. I'm staying!

Mr Chahine is very analytical and communicates very well. He goes through all the steps and explains his reasoning before recommending atrade

Things are looking bright based on Nic's recommendations! I appreciate that he supplies the rationale for opening AND closing trades!

Earlier today I had a few questions for Nic regarding my concern with some debit put spreads I had that were expiring in a few hours. These weren't even done following his recommendations, just something I tried on my own (but having learned from his private "lotto" trades which he nicely shares with us from time to time). In several private messages, he took the time and quickly and informatively responded to me, even warning me about a possible bad outcome and what to do. (Nic ALWAYS responds and helps by the way). Below is my thanks to Nic Chahine: I am so sorry, I miss quoted the debit put sprd. It was at 91/92 not 101/102. BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR FOLLOW UP, YOUR CARE IN CATCHING THAT AND YOUR CONCERN. Not many subscription advisors would go to all that trouble and care. (Gave me a bit of a scare until I realized my misquote).

Yes i have started following you in twitter. You are awesome. i need to get every possible learning opportunity from you. Yes I did sign up for yearly. Matt set me up. i have also opened the an account in thinkorswim to do auto trading by your recommendation. i will have to follow up with Drew about that. marketfy team members are also amazing. Btw another amazing webinar last night.