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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street and I specialize in credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The efforts paid off well…

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great ideas and support.

I joined this service because it looked consistent, so far no wins this month, losing all the trades so far, I guess you have to start with losers, hopefully wins will start soon! I need to be patient, that's for sure.

I found the seminar on how to use the service useful. It has taken some time to learn how to use the service

Nic provides good insight on the markets, but I don't see that much added value for paying for a subscription as compared to following him on Twitter or Stocktwits. There are very few trades posted on the portfolio. Even more importantly, Marketfy doesn't let him show rolling credit spreads, so when a credit spread trade goes bad, it's difficult to accurately track the performance of the roll. A lot of members, as myself, lost quite a bit on a PCLN Put Credit Spread and weren't able to accurately understand how the position was rolled.

"just a wee bit more"

Some of the videos where not working and outdated

I just became a member and as such have no firm opinion yet; the time difference between The Netherlands and the US is a little difficult; also I have trouble understanding some of the terms used such as "lotto tickets". Rating 4


I like Nick's trading ideas and the fact that he answers my questions when I message me. However, I'm not quite sure when he throws out ideas whether to do the trade or not. I'm not used to suggestions. I like to have precise instructions eg. "Buy or sell... ......@ $.... max. He does talk bout it in the chat room, however I cannot be in it the whole 7 hours, I have to take care of other things. I do not want to give a rating. I do like Nick.

I like the service Nic provides; hecares about his clients, and there are plenty of trade alerts. However, the Marketfy website itself is hard to navigate, and Notification settings are awkward.

I am new. Just want to understand when u said Credit Spread Call for a stock says 80/90 - which side is the Buy/Sell option; similarly with the Crdit Spread Put. Thanks in advance

I normally work 8to4 , but I have been at home the last 5 weeks getting over surgery. I am need a service that I can use to make income when I return to work. I want to retire from my 8to4 job to trade. I am testing your service to see if It will help with my Problem.

great program

Nic's greatest asset is his accessibility. It is refreshing to be able to communicate with him regarding Market Internals, Individual Trades and his Perspective on the Current State of the Markets. I have tracked Nic's Trades since becoming a member just a couple of weeks ago and here is my take: 1) Nic is a VERY Conservative Trader 2) He ONLY takes Trades he believes have the Highest Probability of being Profitable. 3) He analyzes the current Market Climate and understands how to adapt and apply it to his Trading. 4) He doesn't take a lot of Trades - only two since I've been a member. 5) Both Trades were Winners for a total payoff of just under $500. 6) He understands Risk Management and is consistent in his approach to it. 7) He provides copious amounts of information and insights into the Financial Markets and you can count hon him to "Partner" with you as you engage the Market. All in all, he is the Conservative Trader's Best Friend For me, I would prefer a Marketfy service provider that was a bit more diverse and frequent in their Trade selection. Four Stars out of Five because of this. To be sure, he is one of the Good Ones here on Marketfy.

The service that Nic offers is top class, he's engaged with the trader on a daily basis and he's available anytime you need him in my experience anyway. He's hands on very professional and knows what he's talking about, and takes the trading VERY seriously, always with a backup plan. Having said all that, YOU the trader need to know what you are doing and do your homework. This is not a hand holding start from scratch service, although Nic will answer any question you have. but you can't expect him to teach you years of trading in a week. You're going to have to learn which is what i'm doing right now....As soon as I am, in command of the subject, you can be sure i'll be back, because his picks are mostly winners. 4 stars because of my expectations really. Nic gets 5.