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There's an untapped treasure trove of value in under-the-radar bank stocks. Tim Melvin calls the banking sector his "Trade of the Decade," and for good reason: the banking sector is home to some of the market's biggest bargains. In Banking on Profit, Tim Melvin will help you find the most promising plays.


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About Tim Melvin

As a 27-year veteran of the financial services and investment industry I’ve served as a broker, advisor, and portfolio manager. I’ve combined this nearly three decades of experience with my love of value investing in order to help investors worldwi…

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Tim Melvin is an expert in identifying deep value investment opportunities, and the banking sector provides the best near term potential for outsized gains since the savings and loan debacle. Melvin has the track record from that time, and he will not disappoint. I cannot believe Tim is willing to share his bounty of knowledge with us. If you are serious about building a solid, long term portfolio of winners, you will want to subscribe to Banking on Profit as well as Tim''s Deep Value Investing Letter.

Tim provides solid investment recommendations based on deep value principles. You can build a portfolio of bank stocks that provide above average returns and still let you sleep at night.

Outstanding product. Tim's analyses are always spot-on, with high reward and low risk. Reading his blog entries is pure delight.

Tim does extensive research on the community bank sector and as subscribers we benefit from his extensive knowledge. My community bank portfolio consisting of his recommendations is much more profitable than my other more diverse portfolio which I use for swing trading the high flyers. I have been reading his articles on Real Money for several years, but his Banking on Profit provides a look into his portfolio as well as recommendations as to why a particular bank might be a particularly good buy. 6/10/2016 B. Martin

I have appreciated Tim's take on value oriented stocks for several years now, including the total banking trade approach. His insight has been profitable, I hope to see him get back into all value ideas again. Thanks

Tim's a fantastic original thinker. He digs down into a stock to find the key drivers of future performance. I've learned a lot from him. I love Banking on Profit.

Terrific newsletter and recommendations. Helps me sleep at night! Love the low volatility and long-term approach of a large community bank portfolio. I have abandoned an overly active trading style and love to get back to basics. Mike, Salt Lake City

Best community bank analyst in the business.

Banking in Profit is a fantastic newsletter that has really delivered in the last three years. I highly recommend it!

Great information and insight.

Excellent and rare quality

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it is new to subscription but i like it so far. i like the education piece of sight . A nice weekly review and weekend reading lets you be informed about the strategy in place.


Accurate information to follow up on is very helpful