Banking on Profit

There's an untapped treasure trove of value in under-the-radar bank stocks. Tim Melvin calls the banking sector his "Trade of the Decade," and for good reason: the banking sector is home to some of the market's biggest bargains. In Banking on Profit, Tim Melvin will help you find the most promising plays.


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About Tim Melvin

As a 27-year veteran of the financial services and investment industry I’ve served as a broker, advisor, and portfolio manager. I’ve combined this nearly three decades of experience with my love of value investing in order to help investors worldwi…

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it is new to subscription but i like it so far. i like the education piece of sight . A nice weekly review and weekend reading lets you be informed about the strategy in place.


Accurate information to follow up on is very helpful

Every email comes twice-always

Well researched and informative. Explained in a way that can be understood by home traders.

Tim Melvin has a no nonsense approach to investing. He has decades of experience. He has perspective, wisdom, and a sublime sense of humor. If you wish to trade your own account and pick your own stocks, Tim's advice is first rate.


I have been following Tim Melvin's work for at least a decade, from RealMoney to Marketfy. I have learned quite a bit about value investing, particularly in financial companies, which have always been a weak point for me. This Banking on Profit service is a terrific way to invest in a solid macro idea alongside a veteran like Tim.

I like Tim's viewpoint. As a former analyst at a regional bank, I know Tim examines the important factors: Net Interest Margin, Efficiency Ratio (aka "Erosion"), Loan Loss Reserves, Return on Assets, Equity capital, and (most important!) Price to Book Value. I am confident in all his recommendations. Jim Fox

Tim Melvin is the greatest expert in deep value investing in community banks stocks. That says it all !

if u are looking for profits & low bet, conservative portfolio ->>>then this is for you

Tim - this service is incredible because you really know what you are doing! Truly very impressive! I only wish I would have devoted a larger portion of my portfolio to it earlier. But I did increase it quite a bit in 2015. Really miss your daily articles on RealMoney Pro though.

Great Product.

I am liking the information that I am getting from the newsletter, I have bought several bank stocks based on it after also doing my own research.