Monster Beverage

86.62 -2.61 -2.93%
Stock Price | May 18, 2022, 4 p.m.
Bid: 84.74
Ask: 87.2
Prev. Close: 89.23
52 Week Low: 71.775
52 Week High: 99.89
PE Ratio: 35.268775
Dividend Yield: %

Company Summary

Monster Beverage is a leader in the energy drink subsegment of the beverage industry. The Monster trademark anchors the portfolio, and notable offerings include Monster Energy and Monster Ultra. The firm has also started to incubate new trademarks for emerging enclaves of the energy space, like Reign in performance energy. It is primarily a brand owner, outsourcing most of its manufacturing processes to third-party copackers. It primarily uses the Coca-Cola bottling system for distribution after a strategic agreement in which Coke became Monster's largest shareholder (roughly 19%) and that also included the exchange of certain businesses between the two firms. Most of Monster's revenue is generated in the United States, though international geographies are increasing in the mix.

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