Introduction to Forex Target Trading

ProAct Traders has the most AMAZING Forex Target Training Protocol for both new and experienced traders using time-tested proven methodologies that consistently create high probability trading returns. This 10 lesson set will get you on your way to understanding how the Big Boys move the market.

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About Pro Act Traders

We are an award-winning and leading global Forex Education company competing in the foreign exchange (FX) markets. Our goal is to become the world’s preferred Forex trading educational and software company. All of us at ProAct Traders are passionate…

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I feel I picked the right trading company.


Ease of use, charts are a good fit. good support and resistance levels and good signals. proprietary indicators are a great help in determining the direction of the trade.

I first came across Proact 5 years ago; great looking charts but complex terminology, setups etc. Their live room then, was pretty mediocre - though some seemed to make money. Still, last week I thought that $10 was a no brainer - so I bought their fast track Target Trading course on Marketfy - to see if I had missed something from years ago. WOW - my trading has exploded. Still trading on demo to be honest but there is now no doubt at all that the Forex IS traded technically - not randomly - by the 'big boys'. Proact really can help us find THEIR targets. No more 10 pip trades for me. Amazing. I am seriously thinking about getting back in the game!

Great weekly analysis, very useful and educational.