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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street and I specialize in credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The efforts paid off well…

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Absolutely the most customer oriented service on the Net! Nic is always available to guide u with your investing approaches. Won the equivalent of 10 car payments last month on one trade that was talked about in chat room and the parade goes on. Highly recommended to traders who want to limit risk and pump up gains. AA,Jupiter,FL

The biggest differentiator of this service that I've noticed is that Nicolas is very available to speak with, whether if its a question about the rationale for one of his trades, or if you want him to review a trade you were considering but haven't put on yet. I've questioned some of his trades and he'll calmly explain his thinking without getting defensive at all. He usually replies in just a few minutes, hard to say that about most services your email usually just disappears into the internet ether never to be responded to. He's also adapting the service to the desires / demands of his subscribers as the service evolves and he speaks to more traders, so if people are requesting more of a certain type of trade or specific tickers he'll cover that. He does a good job as well of offering some more advanced / aggressive trades, but being very clear that they may not be suitable for the portfolio. The actual portfolio trades are usually quite conservative and consistent (which is the stated goal), but when he relays his 'personal trades' it allows those of us with more experience and a higher risk tolerance to follow him into those trades. Service usually pays for itself in one good trade or less per month, and he offers up 3-5 a week (sometimes more). He's also good at teaching newer traders there's nothing wrong with taking things off for a quick gain and freeing up your capital for new opportunities (or perhaps more importantly the value in eating a small loss when things just aren't going as expected).

Nic's insights help me see the bigger picture on possible trade scenarios. I would love to see you come up with a lottery ticket for the week.

Nic is an expert at looking at the big picture and making money from a safe distance. His spread strategies are almost risk free and the goal is to rinse and repeat this for consistent profits and cutting down losses

I believe this concept would be great for those who are searching for additional income. Great idea! I myself trade options for additional income. To me, there is no other better satisfaction than having the knowledge and confidence in trading to better your lifestyle.

Nicolas makes options trading very simple. He was simple and to the point to where anyone could understand how to trade.

Nic, A great summary. Very clear. I am learning and earning. Very pleasing. Keep up the good work. Best regards, Billy

A very guided and educational approach to option investing and especially credit spreads. I have a personal preference to be paid to put a trade on as opposed to paying.

As a Trader, I look for those individuals that show a consistent and reliable interpretation of the Markets. I also want to follow individuals that show concern for the results their advice has on the public. Nic Chahine is a great person to follow because he is disciplined in his analysis, his trading and shows great interest in his Members and Public that follow his advice in trades. You can learn a great deal from Nic and make a nice profit while going to school so to speak.

I love what you are doing! Thank you! Don

Can't say enough great things about nic and his service. This is a message I recently sent: "You just make us so much $$. Markets red we are green. Markets green we are green. You are on fire nic." Just listen, follow, learn. Chip away with wins and watch your P/L soar. Thanks nic.

Nic is incredibly consistent with daily morning updates and market recaps. He is nearly always available during market hours in chat and with audio commentary, willing to take on any range of questions ranging from noobie to advanced. He even posts intra-day chart analysis and video tutorials in response to member questions. His analysis is very thoughtful, and he explains the reasoning behind his recommendations and various ways to play them. He's honest about what he can and cannot call, and has a number of longtime followers due to his very accurate and educational service. VERY highly recommended.

most humble and helpful

Excellent !! Nic is a really dedicated trader, mentor, and always tries to help. He spends a lot of time in the chat group, posts a lot of trades and setups, also a lot of explanation videos, etc. Highly recommended and well worth the cost.

Nicolas Chahine is dedicated to Create Income with Options Spreads. Some services provide recommendations, some provide education, some are available to answer questions by email, some are available in a chat room, some provide levels for stocks and indexes, some provide lessons on video, some provide updates on the market, some explain market developments. Nicolas Chahine provides it all! Some educators and market analysts speak with absolute confidence even though their predictions and analysis can be completely wrong. Nicolas Chahine will talk straight to you explaining risk and reward. Some attempt to sell with hype. Nicolas Chahine delivers in a straight forward manner. This service is a rare gem.