SecretCaps' Recorded and Compelling Interview With Matthew E. Oakes, CEO of Direct Insite

SecretCaps' recorded and compelling interview with Matthew E. Oakes, CEO of Direct Insite (DIRI). Topics covered within this interview include, but are not limited to:

Matthew E. Oakes, CEO of Direct Insite

  • Background information on Direct Insite, including its history and business model.
  • Outlining the company as a working capital management solution on the AR and AP sides of the business.
  • Why major companies want tools, not a big partner to take over their business segments.
  • What is PayBox for Banks and Corporates, and describing the major opportunity for the company with regard to Banks' Lockbox revenue 
  • Growth initiatives, including how the company will capture a percentage of the multi-trillion dollar market it is targeting.
  • Direct Insite as a first mover, with no competitors offering a holistic complete solution. 
  • The additional opportunities within the global bank signed, and for additional banks - specifically the viral effect. 
  • Will Direct Insite have to raise money to enhance PayBox or bring a new version to market?
  • Detailing Direct Insite's strong financial structure.
  • Management's experience, with a specific focus on Matthew E. Oakes.
  • DIRI's sticky revenue model along with a strong recurring revenue stream packing high margins. 

Access the full recorded interview here

SecretCaps members have access to our original introductory post on the company. Direct Insite is SecretCaps' top microcap company under $10M. 

As Direct Insite grows and more information regarding growth becomes available, SecretCaps will release an expanded report on the company to members. 

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Posted to SecretCaps on Dec 11, 2014 — 6:12 PM
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