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AMZN is the hot topic. I saw it coming and i shared a video with you on that.
There is a lot of confusion but it's really simple:

AMZN is in a short term breakout (no doubt).
- Fast traders can chase it now (not me)
- Swing traders can chase it on Monday if the wkly breakout happens (per my video). The run could be 700pts (See video for details). That would also be a TRADE not an INVESTMENT.
- Investors for long term? Definitely not an obvious entry here.

> Also got a question on COIN? Long term should do well.
Meanwhile, we don't know where the bottom is for 2 reasons
1) too new so the lows can easily be breached on a bad market day
2) BTC has a scenario if it loses 30k could bring a BIG drop like really big. Buy that dip.

so if investing for the super long term in COIN maybe nibble but I see no rush to pile in with a full position. Ideally i would sell puts to own shares much lower.


Posted to Create Income with Options … on Jul 07, 2021 — 10:07 AM

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