12/23/2020 Recap - members only

The day is green after a big correction overnight.
- Today: chart
- Weekly ETFs (see opportunity arrows): chart

>TRADING? I am going long into the weekend. I have long SPY, added long TWTR (see below). I have other longs I've shared already and I've closed a few like CRM and BIDU. I want to get long several other names like: MSFT WMT ADBE AMZN etc. - Here are markets now: chart

>>Iron Condor weekly table (Active traders): All winner but aapl credit call spread is under pressure chart

>CGC (levels): The next line to watch marked by arrow. Vs buying the dip. So far struggling with imp levels. chart

>CLDR (levels): Not sure it is an easy up from this zone. this is a wkly chart so it is not a hard line in the sane chart

>MRNA (levels): MRNA The important bit is CONTROL. will the descending trend continue? that's what's to watch here. onus on bulls to snap out of it and then we look at levels chart

>PFE (levels): Wish it paid more premiums. This is a 20yr level we can sell risk below it chart

>PINS (levels): Here are 2 lines to pay attn to today. Chase the breakout from either (short term bets) chart

>APHA (update): APHA retesting the breakout neckline (yellow) chart

>CRM (update): CRM small setback but still in the mix chart

>FDX (update): FDX now contending with the underbelly of the line they just lost. chart

>NVDA (update): NVDA still fighting and the range is tight and ripe for a move. Chase the breakout from X or buy the dip at any of these lines below. this of course if markets don't correct chart

>REGN (update): REGN Still basing. No change. Opportunity still the same. chart

>SPLK (update): SPLK massive win for us chart

>VRTX (update): No change in the trade... looks good chart

>ZM (update): ZM it better not lose footing else giant bearish pattern. I contend that by May or June it should have an oh crap moment. they will report sales "growth" vs covid numbers of this year. it might not be growth and investors will spit it out. They could be starting early if they are thinking like me chart

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