Fed Day Comments

The statement is out... Now the more exciting part is the Q&A which will start in 20 minutes.

> Two positive stock things (WOW moments):
1) They effectively ELIMINATED 1 of their 2 mandates. 'tolerate above 2% inflation for some time.'
2) They committed to zero rates for 4years (2023 is when they have 3 hikes planed)
> Two negative stock things:
1) There were 2 descenters? hmm that's new.
2) the fact that they mention hikes in 2023 may cause unease now (yes markets are that stupid
>> My personal note: This guy is playing with fire. We are fast becoming Japan: An economic experiment.
We are in a whole and we have no clue how to exit it.

Posted to Create Income with Options … on Sep 16, 2020 — 2:09 PM
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